European and German Exportcontrol and Sanction Laws

Gene­ral sur­vey on EU and Ger­man export con­trol sys­tems, legal instru­ments and cust­oms export pro­ce­du­res for world­wide acting com­pa­nies

The basic prin­ciple of the EU and Ger­man export con­trol law is the per­so­nal responsi­bi­lity of the invol­ved eco­no­mic ope­ra­tor. The nomi­na­tion of a responsi­ble per­son at manage­ment level (Chief Export Con­trol Offi­cer) is one spe­ci­fi­ca­tion of the sys­tem.
This new semi­nar orga­ni­zed by IFS e.V. about the frame­work of the Euro­pean and Ger­man Export Con­trol Law held by experts in English lan­guage.
The focus of the semi­nar will be in line with the legal back­ground, the com­pe­ten­ces of the EU and the Ger­man admi­nis­tra­tion as well as the licen­sing and cust­oms pro­ce­du­res.

The two-​day pro­gram is inten­ded to inform Export Con­trol Offi­cers, export sales divi­si­ons and export com­pli­ance manage­ment rep­re­sen­ta­ti­ves about the EU and Ger­man legal frame­work in English.
Day one pro­vi­des an over­view about export regu­la­ti­ons, EC-​dual use-​Regulation, export of mili­tary items, sanc­tions law and the licen­sing pro­ce­dure in Ger­many.
Day two deals with cust­oms law, cust­oms export pro­ce­dure, sim­pli­fi­ca­ti­ons, sur­veil­lance by the cust­oms admi­nis­tra­tion and tran­sit pro­ce­du­res. Actual legal chan­ges and their effects of the inter­nal pro­ce­du­res will be pre­sen­ted and dis­cus­sed in the semi­nar.

Exclu­sive sub­jects on day one:

  • Over­view of the export con­trol sys­tem – mili­tary items, dual use items, anti-​torture regu­la­tion
  • EC-​Dual-​use-​Regulation /​Ger­man For­eign Trade and Pay­ments Act
  • Eco­no­mic Sanc­tions (structure/​competences)
  • Sanc­tions against Iran: Licen­sing Pro­ce­du­res, Pro­cu­re­ment Chan­nel
  • Sanc­tions against Rus­sia

Exclu­sive sub­jects on day two: Union Cust­oms Code (UCC)

  • Cust­oms export pro­ce­dure
  • Tran­sit pro­ce­du­res
  • For­eign trade audits
  • Penal code, admi­nis­tra­tive fines
  • Inter­nal Com­pli­ance Pro­gram (ICP)
  • Actual trends

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  • Herr Axel Krickow, Diplom-​Finanzwirt
  • Herr Ste­fan Woll, Diplom-​Finanzwirt


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